Death Before Dishonor

The Jericho Reach is in peril. The Achilus Crusade has all but ground to a halt, and the Lord Militant seems at a loss as to how to proceed. Spread thin among the forces of Chaos, the Tau, and the encroaching Tyranid force of Hive Fleet Dagon, the forces of the Imperial Crusade stagnate.

But for millenia, since the Jericho Reach was lost to the warp and found once again, the hand-picked warriors of the Deathwatch have stood their long vigil, waiting for the time to come, when they would be able to stop watching – and begin to show why they are known as the Angels of Death. Alongside their Inquisitorial compatriots of the Ordo Xenos, they have waited for the time to be right – and the time is now.

Throughout the Jericho Reach, the Deathwatch rouses. It calls out for new recruits, seasoned veterans to join the cause. You have been chosen, honored by your chapter. Paint your armor black. Take up the Vigil, and stand the Long Watch. Know No Fear.

Jericho map

Deathwatch: Death Before Dishonor