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This is where all campaign resources will be, as well as any preferences for character creation, rules updates, and errata.

I’m a relatively new GM to Deathwatch, and as such I’d prefer any new players to restrict themselves to the character options laid out in the Deathwatch core rulebook. More experienced players, or players in possession of their own rules supplements which add character options (Rites of Battle, First Founding, Honour the Chapter), should feel free to make use of them, but I retain the right to turn down anything too exotic. For prospective female players: I am not hung up on the existence of Space Marines as an all-male organization, and have no problems with female Marines; other arrangements can also be made. I will be using the modified weapon statistics from the Living Errata document, as well as making use of all the actual errata.

Deathwatch Living Errata

Know No Fear: The History of the Jericho Reach

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